Ronald Reagan (1911-2004)

Ronald Reagan

1911 On the 6th o February Ronald Reagan was born at Tampico, Illinois, USA. He was the son of an Irish, alcoholic, shoe salesman. Reagan attended the courses on high school in the neighbouring town Dixon and he had been working during the college he attended at Eureka, where he got a degree in economics and sociology, he played football and practiced acting. He was a film actor, the 40th USA president and was known as a great speaker. Being a Republican, he succeeded to restore an internal conservative policy and won the Cold War. 

1932 He was a school leaver of Eureka. After college graduating he became a radio sports commentator.

1937 He signed the first movie contract at Hollywood.

1952 Reagan married an actress, Nancy Davis. He started to engage in politics as the president of film-actors guild, people that were implied in fight against communism within film industry at that time. Then he joined to Liberals and Conservators and travelled all over the country as a host of TV shows and as a spokesman. He became an increasingly popular figure as spokesman of Republican Party.

1966 He was elected governor of California with one million votes more.

1970 He was reelected governor. He made his own style to lead, delegating the majority of current activities and focusing only on important political subjects. He also learnt how to use television to get a higher popular support.

1980 Ten years later, after he had lost two times the fight for nomination, Reagan won the fight for the White House, with a conservative political platform, getting 51% of votes against Jimmy Carter; this failure was mainly caused by economical faulty managing and by the way the crisis of American prisoners in Iran had been managed.

1981 He took over the term, becoming the 40th American president.

1984 He won the second mandate for chairmanship. Internally, Reagan kept his promises done during electoral campaign – he decreased administration’s taxes and expenses and convinced the Congress to vote a set of measures aimed to stimulate economy. His opponents criticized these economic measures; unemployment increased in an initial phase, fiscal deficit the same but in the end Reagan’s measures proved to be the bases of an economic growth decade. His position to unions was a strict one; so, by an appropriate action of his way to act, he fired all air traffic controllers because they had gone on strike.

1987 A treaty regarding nuclear arms was concluded and so the relationships got easier and the conditions for a quiet unravelling of Soviet Empire were ensured.

1989 He left the administration.

1994 Reagan announced his final withdrawal from public life because of Alzheimer. That is why he did not appear publicly and his health got worse and he needed permanent care.

2004 Ronald W. Reagan, 93 years old, died on the 5th of June at Los Angeles, USA.[1]





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