Abraham Lincoln (1809–1865)

Abraham Lincoln

1809 On the 12th of February, near Hodgenville, Kentucky, USA, the 16th president of USA, Abraham Lincoln, was born, a man who kept the Union during American Civil War. Born in a region 5km South to Hodgenville, Kentucky, Lincoln was two years old when he went to a neighbouring farm in Knob Creek Valley. He was son of Thomas Lincoln and had a step-mother, Nancy. Thomas and Nancy had other three children: Sarah, Avraam and Thomas. His step-mother undoubtedly supported Lincoln’s pleasure for reading, but his wish to learn is still a mystery. His both parents were almost illiterate, but he got a little formal education.

1816 On December, he faced a trial that contested the title for his father’s farm in Kentucky. Thomas Lincoln moved with his family in the South-West of Indiana State.

1830 On March, Lincolns undertook a second emigration, this time to Illinois. When he was only 21 years old, Lincoln began life on his own. After coming to Illinois, having no desire to be a farmer, Lincoln tried a variety of jobs: rail splitter, filling responsible, controller. Because he had learnt grammar and Maths by himself, he started to study law books. While they were living to New Salem, Lincoln met Ann Rutledge. Her premature death, in 1835, 22 years old, made Lincoln extremely sad because they had a great love story, but not attested in history. One year later, Lincoln reluctantly courted Maria Owens who discovered his distress and refused his proposals.

1836 After an exam he started to practice law.

1837 He moved to Springfield, Illinois, the capital of the new state, which offered him many possibilities for his job. At the beginning, Lincoln was John T. Stuart’s partner and then Stephen T. Logan’s.

1844 He became William H. Herndon’s partner.

During few years, Lincoln earned 1.200 – 1.500 dollars every year while the state’s governor won 1.200 dollars and judges got only 750 dollars. He had to work hard for this income.

While he started to be important within national politics, about 20 years after his legal career had started, Lincoln became one of the most distinguished and successful lawyers in Illinois. He was remarked not only for his cunning and common sawy that allowed him feel each legal case, but also for his invariable fairness and total honesty.

1842 On the 4th of November he married Mary Todd. They had four boys: Edward Baker, William Wallace, Robert Todd and Thomas (“Tad”), Lincoln’s favourite.

1847 He was elected within Chamber of Representatives in USA and during his unique mandate he became known because of his both oppositions to Mexican war and slavery institution.

1856 Lincoln was founder of Republican Party and left USA Senate against his old enemy, “Little Giant”, Stephen A. Douglas. He caught the attention at national level because of debates regarding slavery problem.

1860 Lincoln’s fame was improved on the 27th of February when, before an influential audience in New York City, he uttered his wonderful speech, “Cooper Union”, through which he sustained governments’ power to limit slavery in federal territories.

On July, Republicans nominated him for chairmanship at the third round of voting at Convention at Chicago. Democratic Party was spread into Northern and Southern factions, each of them having its own candidate for chairmanship. Lincoln’s election on November, over other three candidates, only 40% of popular vote, was unacceptable for Southern political men and it became a reason for South Carolina and other 10 states to secede from the Union.

Until the moment when Lincoln arrived to Washington in order to be instated as a president, on the 4th of March 1861, Confederate States of America had been established. In the first line of his opening speech, Lincoln tried to attract back to Union the states that had got out. He did not recognize this separation. Southerners tried to impose by arms. So, a long and hard civil war of secession started – between Northerners and Southerners, ended by Southerners’ capitulation in the summer of 1865.

1865 On the 15th of April, 5 days later after war’s ending, President Abraham Lincoln was murdered by J. W. Booth, a Southern zealot, when he was to a theatre show.

Among American heroes, Lincoln continued to have a unique appeal for his people and also for people in other places. This charm derived from his remarkable life story, his growth from humble origins, his dramatic death and distinct human personality, but also from his historical role as Union’s saver and slaves’ emancipator.




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