51 On October 24th, Domitian was born; he was the youngest son of Titus Flavius Vespasian who was emperor during 69-79, and of Flavia Domitilla Major. He had an older sister, Domitilla the Younger, and brother, also named Titus Flavius Vespasianus.

81 He became emperor after Titus’ death. Domitian did not remark himself by military or organizational abilities, but by bloody conflicts against politicians in Rome.

85 Emperor Domitian visited Moesia Province, in the South of Danube, because Governor C. Oppius Sabinus had been killed by Dacians. The Dacians, made some troubles to Domitian.

87 Cornelius Fuscus, Sabinus’ successor had the same fate; he was also killed in the same time with many of his soldiers. Dacians also kept Roman banners, thing that was considered the most shameful for the Roman army’s honour. The new Dacian king, Decebal, proved “a dreaded opponent” for Romans as historian Cassius Dio said.

88 One year later, experienced general Tettius Iulianus took revenge for Romans when he hardly defeated Dacians at Tapae. The emperor was defeated on other lines and a big problem was represented by Germanic tribes of Quasi and Marcomans. Even if he had been victorious in 88, Domitian was obliged to make a totally favourable peace for Dacians when were defeated.

All these tensed more his relationships with the Senate, especially that the emperor had been shy to kill 11 senators and had exiled some others.

96 On September 18th, because of his cruel facts, he had the same fate like other politicians in Rome.[]