Theodoric the Great (454-526)

Theodoric the Great

454 Probably this is the year when Theodoric the Great was born, near Carnuntum (Roman military camp), Austria today, an illegitimate son of Theodomir from Amaly family. Writer Iordanes tells us that he was a prisoner of Romans as a consequence of his uncle’s pressings, Valamir, when he was 7-8 years old, in order to insure the peace between Romans and Goths. At Constantinople he got a good education and later, when he became the leader of his own people, would get from the Roman emperors high debts, and also the patriciu one.

484 He got the consulate.

488 He returned to live with the Ostrogoths and became their leader.

493 After he had crossed to Italy he defeated many times Odoacer at Nonsa, then at Verona and Adige, forcing him to surrender. Even he had promised to leave Odoacer alive he killed him to a feast, maybe being afraid that he could have become his enemy.

Theodoric tried to keep the deal between Romans and Barbarians and had good relations with Bizantyum. Ostrogoths became more and more Romans. Theodoric was fascinated of Roman culture that is why his daughter Amalasunta grew up her son as a Roman.

526 Theodoric died and was buried at Ravenna. After his death Athalaric took his position. Ostrogoths were defeated later by Byzantians, even if they heroically resisted. Like Visigoths, they were gradually integrated to the big Romanian mass from Italy. Their traces were kept only in a small extent, by peoples who formed on the ruin of the former empire.




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