Iurie Darie (1929-2012)

Iurie Darie

1929 On March 14, in Vadul Rascov, Soroca county, Kingdom of Romania (today Republic of Moldavia), Romanian actor, Iurie Darie, was born. Good at drawing, and having real abilities for the stage, Iurie Darie took an exam for the Institute of Imitative Arts and also for Theatre and Film, passing both of them, but choosing the last.

1852 He graduated the Institute of Theatre and Film. He learnt what acting means from great actors and teachers such as Mihai Popescu and Marietta Sadova.

1953 He debuted in movies, in “The Bugler grandchildren”, directed by Dinu Negreanu, starring together on the stage with Marga Barbu and Liviu Ciulei.

1969 He was chosen by the film director Mircea Dragan to play in the series called “Various Brigade”, together with Toma Caragiu, Sebastian Papaiani, Dem Radulescu or Puiu Calinescu.

He played many memorable roles in over 40 film productions, of which “Our boys” (1959), “A bomb was stolen” (1961), “Holiday at the seaside” (1962), “Love at 0 Celsius degrees” (1964), “Then I condemned them all to death” (1971), “Jderi Brothers” (1974), “The Ring” (1983), “A Day in Bucharest” (1986), “Every Day I Miss You”, The Death Triangle” (1999), “Only Love” (2004).

An important moment in his career was the period of the Comedy Theatre, period when Radu Beligan was inspired to gather some actors who were going to make that theatre famous. He played under the indications of the film director Lucian Giurchescu and then of David Esrig. He had as partners the great actors: Gheorghe Dinica, Marin Moraru, Mircea Albulescu, Dem Radulescu, Sanda Toma, Vasilica Tastaman, Stela Popescu, Silviu Stanculescu. He played in reference shows like “Troilus and Cressida”, “The Shadow” and many others.

After the Revolution, he played in “The Hat”, a production of the Comedy Theatre, directed by Horatiu Malaiele (1998), “Four on a Sofa and the Valet” by Marc Camoletti, directed by Radu Nichifor (2000). He also collaborated with Bassarabian filmmakers, in the movie for children “The Mill”, made in 1992, or on the stage of “Mihai Eminescu” National Theatre in Chisinau in “The Father” (1999 – 2000 season).

Iurie Darie was noted in televison for children, where the actor displayed his ability for drawing, sometimes with both hands. At a time he made tournaments in the countries performing shows for kids, where he told and drew a simple story, but full of fun and lessons.

2009 Even if he was 80, the actor had a lot of artistic projects, including the drawing illustration of two books, but also the recording of a CD with music interpreted by him. In the same time, Anca Pandrea and Iurie Darie were practicing a show signed by Mircea Cretu, who would be the stage partner of the two actors.

2010 On October, the actor Iurie Darie and his wife, Anca Pandrea, 64 years old, confessed that they would have played in an erotic movie: “Iura is my heart and my life! We love each other more than in the first night when we made love. We are enough brave to play in erotic movies, we are good at this”, declared, laughing, Anca Pandrea, and they demonstrated this fact in a shoot for the National newsaper.

2011 This year, he was diagnosed with “liquid in the brain area”.

2012 He suffered a major stroke. On September 29th, Iurie Darie was discharged from Bagdasar Arseni Hospital in Bucharest, after more than three months since he had been diagnosed with acute brain aneurism. At night, on November 9th, the famous actor, Iurie Darie, died in Bucharest.



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