Mel Gibson (1956)

Mel Gibson

1956 On the 3rd of January Mel Colm-Cille Gerard Gibson is born in New York, USA. Later known as Mel Gibson, he is one of the most famous action movies actor.

1968 Gibson’s father decides to move the family to Sydney, Australia, in order to prevent his sons getting into the army for the war in Vietnam. The family had 11 children. Young Mel graduates high school and decides to apply to the Australian National Institute of Dramatic Art in Sydney. The audition is a success, so Mel starts his acting career.

1977 After graduating from college and starring in different plays, Gibson gets his first movie role in the low-budget production Summer City. At the same time, Gibson continues to play in the australian tv show The Sullivans, which he started in 1976.

1979 Gibson gets a role in the successful movie Mad Max, role that will become a trademark for him. At the time Mad Max was the best selling australian movie. The same year Gibson plays a mentally slow child in the movie Tim. The role gets him the first Australian Film Institute Award (AFI).

1980 The actor marries actress Robyn Moore, with whom he will have seven children.

1981 He receives his second AFI, for the role in Gallipoli, which shows the drama of some australian soldiers during World War I. The same year the Mad Max sequel is launched.

1982 Mel stars in his first romantic drama in The Year of Living Dangerously.

1984 Mel stars in his first american production, starring in The River. The movie is a real success, getting many Oscar nominations.

1985 Gibson stars in the third sequel of Mad Max.

1978 He starts the Lethal Weapon movie series, in which he plays the cop Martin Riggs. The series will have four sequels, being very well received by the public.

1990 Mel plays in the Franco Zeffirelli movie Hamlet. The movie is produced by Gibson’s fresh launched studio Icon Productions.

1993 Mel makes his directorial start with the movie The Man Without a Face, in which he also stars.

1995 Gibson directs and stars in the movie Braveheart, which tells the story of William Wallace. The movie is very well received by the critics, getting five Academy Awards for different categories. 

2000 The actor stars in the very popular comedy What Women Want.

2004  The movie The Passion is launched, Mel directing the story of Christ’s last days. The movie is very controversial.

2009 Freshly divorced, Mel starts a relationship with singer Oksana Grigorieva, with whom he will also have a child.

2014 After a series of not so successful movies, Gibson returns to a role in the latest Mad Max and also plays in The Expendables 3 among many famous action movies actors. 

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