Leonardo DiCaprio (1974)

Leonardo DiCaprio

1974 On 11th of November Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio is born in Los Angeles, California, USA. Leonardo DiCaprio is a famous actor and director.

1990 Young DiCaprio makes his start in acting in the tv series Parenthood. In the same period he plays in tv series like The New Lassie, Roseanne and Santa Barbara.

1991 DiCaprio gets his first movie role in the horror production Critters 3.

1993 Leonardo gets a role in This Boy's Life, movie in which he stars among Robert De Niro. The role of an abused child brings him the critics’ attention. The same year he plays in What's Eating Gilbert Grape among Johnny Depp. He receives a first Academy Award nomination for the role.

1997 DiCaprio wins international fame with the role in Titanic. At the moment of shooting the movie was the most expensive of all time, with more than $200 milion costs. Titanic got 11 Oscar nominations.

2000 Leonardo starts a relationship with brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen. Over the time the actor will have many relationships with supermodels.

2004 After a not so successful series of movies, the actor plays the role of  Howard Hughes in The Aviator. The role gets him an Oscar nomination and his first Golden Globe Award. R

2006 The actor stars in the very well received movies Blood Diamond and The Departed.

2010 The movie Inception is launched and receives a huge success in selling. The movie gets over $825 milion is sales. The same year DiCaprio receives the VH1 Do Something Award for the help and campaigns on environment protection. DiCaprio is a declared ecologist and has donated big amounts of money for the cause over the years.

2011 DiCaprio stars in the movie J. Edgar, directed by Clint Eastwood. The movie tells the story of the man running FBI for almost 50 years.

2012 The year is a very good one for the actor, who gets to play in Django Unchained and The Great Gatsby, both with huge sales.

2013 DiCaprio wins a Golden Globe for his role in The Wolf of Wall Street, movie in which he portraits a fraudulent stockbroker.

2014 DiCaprio becomes an UN representative on climate change.

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