Redd Foxx (1922-1992)

Redd Foxx

1922 On December 9th, John Elroy Sanford (Redd Foxx was the nickname for the stage) was born in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, but he was grown up in Chicago, South Side. His mother was half Seminole (native), and his father left the family when Foxx was four years old. Foxx was grown up by his mother and his grandmother. His nickname was Redd because of the reddish hair he had, and the stage name Foxx was taken from the baseball player, Jimmie Foxx.

Foxx won his fame in a night club. He signed a contract and launched many comedy albums, which became very quickly the audience favourites.

1940-1950 Redd Foxx started a comedy series, “Chitlin”.

1948 He married, first time, to Evelyn Killebrew, but it was a short marriage which ended with a divorce in 1951.

1956 He married, second time, to Betty Jean Harris, a dancer, who was LaWanda Page’s collegue. The couple married on July 22nd. This marriage ended with a divorce, too, in 1975.

1960 His comedy recordings became extremely popular for the African-American, his albums were considered too indecent for the White audience and they were rarely available in shops where these people went.

1970 He sustained a memorable show, in the successful movie “Cotton Comes to Harlem”, and then he was approached by the TV producer Norman Lear.

1972 Foxx got the highest fame on TV, playing in “Sanford and Sun” comedy soap. The premiere was on NBC TV channel, on January 25th, and it was broadcasted during six seasons, the last episode being on March 25th, 1977. Foxx played the role of Fred G. Sanford, while Demond Wilson played the role of Lamont, his son.

1976 He married again to Yung Chung Chi, and the marriage was again a short one, ending in 1981. Short TV shows were broadcasted after that with the famous actor.

1977-1978 “Redd Foxx Comedy” started to be broadcasted.


1986 “Redd Foxx Show”. Foxx occasionally played in movies, “Harlem Nights” together with great actors like Richard Pryor or Eddie Murphy.

1991 Foxx married fourth time to Ka Ho Cho, who took Ka Ho Foxx name.

1991 He died on October 11th, during a break at the rehearsal for “The Royal Family”. He suffered a heart attack on the movie stage in Los Angeles, California. Foxx was buried in Las Vegas, at Palm Valley Memorial.

1992 On May 17th, he was offered post-mortem a star on St. Louis Walk of Fame.

After few years after his death, many buyers of his house declared that the property was haunted. Some said that Foxx really staged his death, because he owed much money to the treasury.



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