George (Gogu) Constantinescu (1881–1966)

Gogu Constantinescu

1881 George (Gogu) Constantinescu was born at Craiova. He was a Romanian scientist, engineer and inventor. During his career, he registered over 130 inventions. He is the creator of the theory of sonics, a new branch of continuum mechanics, in which he described the transmission of mechanical energy through vibrations. His mother was Alsatian but his father was a Romanian and taught Maths to high school. He graduated the first studies to Craiova. Since he was a child he was able to solve hard Maths problems.

1910 Graduating Faculty of Civil Engineering of Bucharest, Gogu Constantinescu left to England (London) in order to put into practice an idea he had since high school: Sonics, transmission of mechanical power through elastic vibrations in liquids.

1912 He did his first application of Sonics.

1918 His main work was launched to London, consisting of mathematical foundation of the new science. Here, too, a lab was created for him and it was the space where George carried out many of his mechanisms.

1925 The inventor surprised the world presenting to Paris the first locomotive driven by a sonic converter.

1926 He invented the first sonic automobile. He also discovered diesel injectors which use sonic waves. He got a great international scientific recognition.

Returned to the country in order to continue his activity, he faced the lack of interest for his research work of leading people at that time. Each kind of help was denied so George did not have the possibility to put his theory into practice. Although he was understood and appreciated by scientists in the country, by technicians, he was not helped financially because these people did not have money. On these conditions, Gogu Constantinescu was forced to go back to England, where he settled forever.

In England he continued to do research work with passion becoming a prolific inventor and discoverer. Over 120 invention patents of him were patented in the entire world. Among these, the most important are concerned to Sonics. This new subject was created by Gogu Constantinescu. Sonics is a branch of continuum mechanics, based on mechanic energy transmission through elastic vibrations in liquids. This issue was a concern for George since he was a student to high school.

G. Constantinescu’s works are widespread nowadays because different engines, sonic devices and machines are built according to them.

1960 He celebrated his birthday (80 years old) in the country. Romanian Academy organized a commemorative session and Polytechnic Institute gave him Doctor Honoris Causa title.

1966 George (Gogu) Constantinescu passed away on the 11th of December, Oxen House, Coniston Water, England.

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